What should I do after getting into an accident on the Maryland Beltway?

Be safe.  As Maryland accidents go, the Beltway can be one of the most dangerous highways in the Washington, D.C. area, so the first thing to do is to get to safety.  Don't let a rear end collision on the Beltway turn into a fatal accident because a truck or other driver couldn't stop in time and caused a second wreck.

Get the medical attention you and your passengers need.  If you're injured in the accident, get the medical treatment your injuries require.

Get the other driver's information - the name, address, owner of the car or truck and insurance information.

Get the police officer's information if an officer comes to help after the crash, and the contact information for any witnesses who saw the crash in case you have to prove the other driver caused the beltway accident some day.

Do you need a lawyer for your Maryland beltway accident?  That really depends on the severity of the accident - how bad are your injuries from the crash?  Do you need medical treatment from the accident?  Can you work?  We're happy to talk this through with you, but you may be surprised - if its a minor accident and you're only banged up and sore, we'll be the first to tell you you don't need us, but we'll try to give you as much information as we can. 

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