My Radiology Results Were Read Incorrectly. What Should I Do?


Radiology is the practice of taking and interpreting images of the body in order to determine things like bone fractures, cancer detection, herniated discs, deep-vein thrombosis, bone-density analysis, and other types of injuries, diseases and conditions.  The role of the radiologist is critical in many types of diagnostics, treatments, and recoveries.

But hospitals don't always follow the rules of good medical treatment  when it comes to analyzing results and communicating those results to the appropriate physician or treatment facility. And radiologists don't always follow the appropriate protocol to communicate imminent dangers that show up on the images. This is why we have a field of law called medical malpractice.

Medical malpractice law exists so that people who have been seriously affected by the negligence of a hospital, HMO, physician, or other types of medical personnel and facilities can be fairly compensated for the harms, expenses, and loss that results from this negligence. Hospitals, HMOs, doctors, and others in the medical field have to follow patient safety rules, which often means establishing and following systems, checklists and protocols to ensure that the level of care and medical treatment is appropriate for the patient's condition and is done in time. 

Many times a test result can determine what type of treatment the patient needs; surgery for a tumor, anti-coagulation medications for blood clots, steroids for an auto-immune disorder, etc.  

We have helped a family that lost a mom because of an undetected blood clot (pulmonary embolism) because the radiologist didn't properly communicate the life-threatening blood clot he saw to the primary care physician. We helped another family who lost their mom when the radiologist did not correctly interpret a scan showing a blood clot, as well as a 12 year-old who became paralyzed because his MRI wasn't interpreted until after he was discharged from the hospital (and they never called his parents with the results).

If your radiology results were interpreted incorrectly, or they weren't properly communicated to the physician who ordered the test, you may have a compensable claim if the mistake resulted in a serious consequence. If you're not sure, give us a call and we will talk to you about it and tell you what we think. We like to say: go with your gut. It's better to call and ask than to not call at all. 

And remember, all cases have deadlines, so don't put it off.

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