What Is A Functional Capacity Exam And What Do I Need To Know About It In DC?

After an on-the-job injury in D.C., many times the workers' compensation insurance adjuster or nurse case manager will schedule the injured worker for a functional capacity evaluation or FCE. This is basically a test used to clarify the injured worker's limitations or work restrictions.  Sometimes a treating physician or IME doctor (insurance company doctor) will recommend it. Usually, the test lasts for several hours and consists of lifting, moving, walking upstairs - somewhat like work hardening or certain types of physical therapy.  It is usually done under the direction of a physical therapist.

Be Mindful Of What Your Physical Therapist Is Doing

An unbiased physical therapist will accurately record how much or how often the injured worker can lift, carry, or climb stairs or ladders.  As with all things involving workers' compensation insurance companies, you have to be careful. There are certain companies conducting FCEs that market themselves to insurance companies and get all of their business from them.  They are more likely to have physical therapists try to say that the injured worker has "pain behaviors" or "symptom magnification" and attempt to document this on their official-looking forms.

These are physical therapists - they can show someone with an injury how to exercise, show them good form, count the reps, etc. but they can't give an opinion as to supposed psychological factors.  Unfortunately, some do, because that's what the workers' comp insurance companies pay them for.  So they try to say you're faking, or malingering, or not trying (and the workers' comp insurance company could then use this to stop or deny your benefits). 

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