What do you do if you think someone you know was harmed by medical malpractice?

Its not an easy subject to talk about.  No one wants to think their spouse, or child or relative or friend was harmed by the medical system.

But it happens.  Hospitals, HMOs, doctors and nurses don't always follow the rules that are supposed to keep patients safe.  Sometimes test results don't get followed up on, doctors don't get called when they're supposed to, or nurses don't monitor their patients.  And if a patient is seriously hurt, or worse, what do you do?

We like to start by getting families as much information as we can, based on over 20 years of experience as medical malpractice lawyers.  And that usually starts with one of our free guides to medical malpractice - Picking Up the Pieces: A Parent's Guide to Medical Malpractice.

Covering medical malpractice issues in D.C., Maryland and Virginia, this guide explains how to investigate a medical malpractice case, what to do if you're suspicious, real life examples of medical malpractice and how to choose the best medical malpractice lawyer for your family.

And its not just for kids - the information applies to adult patients who have been seriously injured by the medical system as well.

That's probably the best starting point for someone struggling with the fact that their family was hurt by the medical system.

This patient's medical malpractice guide is free to families while supplies last, so order a copy to share with someone who can use it today.

And if you'd like, call us at (202) 393 - 3320 and we'll send it to them directly, as a gift from you.