What do the best medical malpractice lawyers look for in a medical malpractice case?

Whether a patient is injured by a hospital, HMO or doctor in D.C., Maryland or Virginia, as experienced medical malpractice lawyers, we look for certain factors to help us evaluate a case and determine whether we are the best lawyers for you.

First, we can only take cases involving very serious injuries or medical conditions - paralysis, cerebral palsy, brain damage, blindness, death, etc. - injuries or conditions which forever change a patient's life or a family. 

The reason for this is that medical malpractice cases in our court system (at least in Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia) are complex, time consuming and expensive to prove.  We want to make sure our case can make a difference in a patient's life.  And we never want to put a patient who has been harmed by the medical system, through the legal system unless we can help make up for the harms and losses caused by the hospital, doctor or HMO.

And that's sometimes hard, because it means we can't help everyone with a legitimate malpractice case.

Second, are you someone we can work with - we view a medical malpractice case as a relationship, working together with a patient and his or her family to try to get everything they need to make their lives better.  So we want trust to develop over time and be able to work toward a common goal.

Third, of course is the actual investigation of the case, learning what really happened, studying the medical literature, reviewing the medical records with experts and consultants.

There is more to it than that, of course, but our medical malpractice cases and trials have taught us this is where to start.  And if you're thinking you have a medical malpractice case, don't wait (there are time limits).  Call us today at (202) 393-3320 to see if we are the right medical malpractice lawyers for you and your family.