If You Received A Letter Denying Your Long-Term Disability Claim, You Should Have It Reviewed By An Experienced Long-Term Disability Attorney

One of the most important things to look for in a successful long-term disability appeal is the support of your doctors giving you restrictions and limitations that prevent you from working. Most of the time, the restrictions and limitations your doctors have put in place are more important than the diagnosis or condition that you have.
Some people are told by insurance companies that they cannot get short term or long-term disability benefits unless they have a definitive diagnosis, or that some medical conditions are excluded. That is rarely the case.
Usually there is a limit on the amount of time someone can receive long-term disability benefits for a mental health condition, but most injuries, diseases, and medical conditions should be covered. Many times, you will have to push your doctor or the doctors office to complete the long term disability insurance company forms that the insurance company has sent them, and to make sure that they give you a list of the restrictions and limitations you require. And you always want your doctors to explain why you cannot work.

It Is Critical To Work With Your Doctor On Any Long-Term Disability Claim.

An experienced long-term disability attorney can help you with this as well.

There are a number of other legal and technical reasons why long-term disability insurance companies deny claims. But we see a lack of medical evidence regarding restrictions, or lack of documentation in your medical records, or vague opinions by your doctor as a common cause and sometimes an invitation for the insurance company to deny your legitimate claim.

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