I Have a Serious Injury. What Is The Best Approach for My Pain Management?

A number of our clients with serious injuries at work or after a car crash ask about medical treatment and pain management.  We help them get the treatment they need authorized and paid for by the responsible insurance company.

If you have a serious injury related to an auto or work accident, you may be looking at pain management options. Studies show that physicians are still prescribing painkillers for up to 40 percent of cases, and if you have chronic pain that might be the best route for you.

However, prescription pain meds carry a high risk of addiction and you may want to try a variety of other methods first to find out if your body will respond.

First, there is the old faithful: take an anti-inflammatory, rest and apply heat. If the body has been over-exerted it may just need time to repair itself. Give yourself the time and space to do so.

There are also topical treatments that might help to alleviate your pain, such as products like Mineral Ice and Biofreeze. Other methods designed to go straight to the source of the problem (for example, an injured knee or spine) could include epidural (steriod) injections, trigger-point (local anesthetic) injections, and acupuncture. These injections usually come in series' and can alleviate pain by dealing directly with the injured part of the body.

Another avenue a doctor might prescribe is a compound topical cream to use as a pain reliever. These compounds (created at the pharmacy) can be applied directly to the site of injury and don't have to travel through the bloodstream, which can lessen the risk of addiction over time. 

Finally, for very serious injuries, like a torn rotator cuff, surgery might be the best option. Often times the pain management specialist will experiment to see if you respond to other types of treatment before recommending surgery.

Every case is different and your pain management path your own. At Donahoe Kearney we are not doctors, but we have been a part of the process for more than twenty years and have worked with doctors all over the DMV. We assist our clients with finding the best provider for their case and then making sure that treatment is approved and paid for.

If you have a serious injury and have questions about your treatment, give us a call today at 202-393-3320. You will speak with a live person who will try to get you the best information for your injury case; at no cost and no obligation.