Do I need to take my medical malpractice case to court?

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This is not a simple yes or no question, in fact, it's pretty complicated.

This is a decision you and an experienced medical malpractice attorney whom you trust, must decide together. It is a critical decision in most cases - would you and your family be better off after a trial?  In our system, jury verdicts are difficult to predict, and the outcome is unknown until the very end.

So you can weigh options and any settlement offers, or estimate the range of a jury verdict, but you'll never really know until you try the case.  That's a big reason why you need a medical malpractice lawyer you can trust, and why we need clients we can trust.  Preparing a medical malpractice case for trial and trial itself is an intense, emotional, stressful and excititng time. 

There are times when the insurance company for the doctor or hospital doesn't think they did anything wrong, or treatment would not have worked anyway, or some other doctor or nurse was at fault, so they never offer a reasonable settlement.  If the settlement won't help you, your family or child affected by medical malpractice, its an easy decision - go to trial.

But go to trial with lawyers who know and care about you and your family, who are experienced, know the medicine and have worked hard the whole time to give you and your family the best shot at success.  In other words, you have to trust them.

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