You Can Keep Your Workers Compensation Case If You Switch Jobs After A Work Injury In DCSwitching Jobs While You're On Workers Comp In DC

A serious work injury in Washington DC sometimes means that you don't go back to work for a long time while you are recovering. That means that if you are an at-will employee, your employer can replace you if you're not there to do the job. It also means that if you take a different job that fits your work restrictions, your workers compensation claim goes with you especially if you are earning less money. And an experienced workers compensation lawyer in DC can help you through all of it

What we don't recommend is for someone who is on workers compensation to go back to work before being cleared by their doctor. We see this all the time - injured workers are always itching to get back to work so they can keep providing for their families and secure their job for the future. The problem with this is that, while their intentions are noble, injured workers who don't wait to be cleared by their doctor often re-injure themselves and wind up being out of work longer than they would have if they had been patient and followed doctor's orders.

At the point of reinjury, you have already messed up your workers compensation case. Once you are back to work against doctor's orders, the insurance company has a reason to deny your benefits for non-compliance. And then you can't work and also are not covered by benefits (income replacement).

At Donahoe Kearney, Our Number One Priority Is To Keep Your Income Benefits Steady And Get Your Medical Treatment Authorized While You Are Off Of Work

Whether you are on full work restrictions or light duty, you are entitled to TTD (income replacement benefits depending on work status) and medical treatment while you are on workers comp. If you have been seriously injured, need surgery and are going to be out of work for awhile you need an experienced and aggressive lawyer like Frank Kearney to keep your income replacement benefits coming and medical treatment authorized. Most people who don't have an aggressive DC workers compensation lawyer have a lot of trouble with missing checks and long waiting periods in between authorizations for medical appointments or treatments. We have an aggressive staff who doesn't take any crap from the insurance company and knows how to spot the BS like deceipt, delay, and denial of workers comp benefits so you don't have to worry about where your check is from week to week.

If You Have Work Restriction After A Work Injury In DC, Contact Our Aggressive DC Workers Compensation Attorney Frank Kearney

If you are on work restrictions that mean you need someone to fight for your benefits while you can't work. The insurance company has plenty of doctors, lawyers, nurses, adjusters, etc. whose job it is to limit your benefits. Why should you not have an aggressive team of professionals on your side? Contact us today at 202-393-3320 to get started with our experienced team who will be able to help you the very same day.