Should I consider suing the hospital for my child's cerebral palsy?

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Suing a hospital for your child's cerebral palsy - how to get started.

Deciding whether or not to have your child's case investigated is an important decision. Truly, I can’t imagine what your situation is like at this point. But I do know I’m glad you have connected with us.

It's our personal promise to anyone that has a child with a serious birth injury or a mother who has been through birth trauma and their child has developmental delays or cerebral palsy as a result -- we won't share your information. We won't try to convince you that you have a case if you don't really have one. And we will never insinuate that you child  is anything but perfect. We know they are perfect - just the way they are.

We also know that the lifetime costs of caring for a child with cerebral palsy can cost   tens of  millions of dollars.

If you fill out the contact form on this page and/or order one of our free books, guides, or reports we will stay in touch with you to see how you are doing - whether or not you have your case investigated.

I’ll tell you why we do that: when we see someone in this situation we can genuinely help, we want to make sure that person feels cared for before they ever become a client, whether or not they eventually become a client. That’s why we check in regularly and send you additional information. Of course, whenever you’re ready to chat, I would love to schedule an appointment for the two of us. Until then, we’ll remain in touch just to make sure you’re at least getting answers to the complex questions facing you right now.

You can also reach me at 202-393-3320 -- You can ask for me, Brooke Birkey directly and I will take your call, no matter when you call.

We have make a really big impact on the lives of children who have bee affected by medical malpractice.

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