I was injured in a car accident on the Beltway and hurt my back. Recently, my orthopedic doctor diagnosed sciatica. What is sciatica?

Sciatica is also called lumbar radiculopathy and its basically numbness, tingling and pain that goes from the low back into the buttock, hip, or down to leg into the toes depending on the severity.  Sometimes you may hear it called a "pinched nerve."

It is caused by impingment, pressure or irritation of the nerves in the spinal area.  This can be due to herniated or bulging disks, or injuries to the muscles or ligaments in the spine.

Many of our clients have experienced sciatica from trauma, such as in a car accident, or due to a sudden bending and twisting force, such as lifting something heavy at work.

It can be a serious condition, so we tell all of our clients to get the medical treatment from the appropriate medical specialist.  And if it was caused by a car accident or work injury, take the steps to protect your legal rights.

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