Should you sign the forms the workers' comp insurance company sends?

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No - at least not without talking to an experienced, trustworthy workers' comp lawyer.  Many people we talk to think that just signing and returning some paperwork to the insurance company after a work injury is enough to file your claim for workers' comp benefits. 

It's not.

You or your lawyer has to file your claim for workers' comp benefits.  Submitting forms, exchanging information, keeping the insurance company updated on your medical treatment, talking to the adjuster or insurance company nurse - none of that constitutes filing your workers' comp claim.

And if you don't file it in time?  Your case may be over.

So what do you have to do to make sure you can get the medical treatment - doctor's visits, surgery, therapy, diagnostic tests, referrals to specialists, plus the weekly income replacement benefits you and your family rely on when you can't work because of your injury?

You have to file your workers' comp claim.  Not the insurance company.

This means filing it with the correct workers' compensation agency - not the insurance company - and in D.C., that means the D.C. Office of Workers' Compensation.  In Maryland and Virginia, it is the workers' compensation commission.

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