What is a Recorded Statement for an insurance company?

After an injury at work or a serious car accident, the insurance company will have an insurance adjuster call or sometimes come to see you in person to get your recorded statement. A recorded statement is essentially a recorded interview and can be used as part of the adjuster’s investigation.

Should you give the insurance adjuster a recorded statement?

NO—at least not without an experienced lawyer representing you or without knowing your rights.

Remember, insurance adjusters work for the insurance companies and their job is to limit and even deny the amount of money the insurance company has to pay you. So they WILL use the recorded statement against you if it is inconsistent in any way. You can tell the adjuster the same situation ten times but if there’s something slightly different about how you explain the situation on the tenth time, the adjuster can and will use that against you.

That is why it’s important to either get all of the information you need to help yourself or if your injury is serious, have an experienced attorney to guide you through this process. Insurance companies will use any little trick or tactic they can think of to limit, delay and even deny your legitmate claim. Download the report on 7 Deadly Sins that will WRECK Your Accident Case or 5 Common Mistakes that will Absolutely Kill your Workers Compensation Case or call us today at (202) 393-3320 to learn about the other different resources we provide to make sure insurance companies don’t force you to make a mistake that hurts you and your family.