Questions about schools and services for your child with cerebral palsy or special needs in D.C., Maryland or Virginia?

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If you have a child with cerebral palsy, developmental delays or other significant special needs in the Washington, D.C. area, you are probably always looking for things to make your child's life better, and networking with other parents, counselors and social workers to see if there is anything out there you can be doing to help your special needs child.

That's why we developed a resource guide for parents of children with special needs.  You see, for years we have seen the courage, patience and persistence of parents we represent in our medical malpractice cases.  Parents who are doing everything they can to make their child's life better.

Working with parents of children with cerebral palsy, paralysis, shoulder dystocia and developmental delays was the basis for publishing Getting Everything Your Special Needs Child Deserves: A Parent's Guide to Resources It has information about respite care, education, summer camps, social security and other resources that may help your child.

And it's FREE to every parent with a special needs kid. Bonus Mug comes with order if your child has cerebral palsy!


So order your copy today by calling (202) 393 - 3320.

All we ask is that if you have a favorite resource that can help families,

call or email us at [email protected] and let us know so we can put it in the next edition.

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