Can a personal injury case be tied with a sexual harassment case? If the victim was both sexually harassed and injured would it be a combined tort case or separated instances?

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It can be.  A personal injury case usually involves someone being hurt because someone else was negligent, meaning they had a duty to do something, but they didn’t and that hurt someone else.  The action doesn’t have to be intentional – a driver texting while he runs you over probably didn’t mean to run you over, but he never saw you because he wasn’t doing what he was supposed to, watching the road.

Sometimes a person intends to hurt another – tries to run him over, and that can also be a personal injury case, as well as a crime.  Sexual harassment can certainly be both – a personal injury case for the physical and emotional harm, as well as a crime.  And sometimes the case is against the company that employed the one who harassed you because they didn’t supervise him, or knew he had done it before, or hired him without checking his background.  Or they had a duty to protect you but didn’t.

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