I need a lot of medical treatment because of a medical malpractice issue in a hospital. How can I get the medical care I need?

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When medical malpractice causes serious injuries, it means you'll need a lot of medical care you never planned on.

When hospitals, HMOs and healthcare companies commit medical malpractice in DC, Maryland or Virginia, they should pay for the harms they cause.  Sometimes that is easy to determine - a construction worker who can't work anymore after becoming paralyzed due to medical malpractice can determine how much money he would have earned in his career.

But what about future medical treatment and other needs caused by medical malpractice? How do you make sure you and your family get everything you need to live as normally and independently as possible after a life changing injury?

As part of our medical malpractice cases, we analyze everything that you need - all of the future medical care caused by the malpractice, plus the equipment, modifications to your home and car, everything to make sure you can live as independently and be as mobile as possible.

The cost of all of the medical care you'll need are part of the damages (the harms they caused and should pay for) in a medical malpractice case.  

But at least in DC, Maryland and Virginia, hospitals, HMOs and doctors rarely admit when they've done wrong, so they probably won't offer to pay for all of the medical care you need (and certainly won't tell you everything you're entitled to). 

Instead, we have to hold them accountable.

There is a lot to process when you or a family member have been seriously harmed by medical malpractice - talking to us will help you focus on your health and recovery.

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