How do I pay for a workers compensation lawyer in D.C. to represent me after an injury at work?

In workers compensation cases (and other cases) we charge a contingent fee, meaning you don't pay an attorney's fee unless we win or settle your case and the fee has to be approved by the Office of Workers Compensation along with any settlement or award of benefits. 

There is no charge to meet or consult with us.  We don't take any money up front, even for costs.

And if you're already getting benefits, we don't take a fee on the checks you get every week or every two weeks.  So you don't pay anything up front, not a dime.  We also pay all of the costs and expenses as they are needed (for medical records, reports from your doctor, appointments with medical specialists that are necessary for the case, etc.) rather than have you pay those as you go.

We know it's stressful to be on workers compensation - it is a complicated and difficult process.  Our job is to take the stress out of it, to handle that for you so you can focus on getting better and getting your life back.