What if someone is paralyzed by medical malpractice?

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Medical mistakes like misdiagnosis, not ordering the right treatment, delaying treatment, not ordering a consult with a specialist, system errors and other negligence can cause serious injuries, like paralysis.  

We've seen it and helped people who became paralyzed.

If someone is paralyzed due to a medical mistake by a hospital, doctor or HMO, they will need care, treatment and support they never thought they would.  Future medical care and treatment, transportation, home modifications or a handicap accessible home, job re-training, access to technology that can help someone adapt - these are just some of the things needed to help.

But the biggest need we see - and what we strive to do for people we help - is get your independence back. And take the stress off of your family members.

Sometimes that is learning to drive a modified car or van to go where you want when you want.  Sometimes it is an extra nurse or companion to help you with mobility - getting out and around.  Sometimes it is a modifying your home or buying another that is accessible and right for you.  Sometimes it is the latest technology to help you do more.

Like every malpractice case, every person we help is different.  You are different.

Honestly, we're different too.  If we can help you or someone you know get their independence back, call us at 202-393-3320.

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