Is Your Nurse Case Manager Trying to Get Into Your Doctor's Appointments?

If you have been assigned a nurse case manager and they are trying to get into your doctor's appointments, you may be asking if they have the right to do so. Nursing Case Management & What It Means For Your CaseThe answer is No. Make that Hell No.

If you've been hurt on the job in D.C., you have the right to choose your own doctor and control the medical treatment needed to treat your work related injuries.  Nurse case managers or nurse consultants are hired by the workers compensation insurance company - and they work for the insurance company - not you. They have only one objective: to save money for the insurance company. This money that should go to therapy, tests, specialists and benefits you need because of the injury, not the insurance company stockholders.

Why does a workers compensation insurance company try to hire a nurse to meet with you, call you and go to your doctor's appointments?  Because most of the time they want to limit the medical treatment you get, interfere with the doctor-patient relationship, push your doctor to get you back to work before you are ready, and limit expensive medical or diagnostic tests, such as MRIs, that the insurance company will have to pay for. Only in rare cases have nurse case managers been beneficial to an injured worker.  And remember - everything you say to the insurance company nurse (and some things you don't) goes right back to the insurance company.

What Is a Nurse Case Manager and How Can I Deal with Them?

 If you have a serious work injury, don't let a nurse case manager "manage" your case. Order our free book about Nurse Case Managers today and call us so we can tell you what we really think about nurse case managers!

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