My friend's daughter suffers from cerebral palsy and they think it is due to a birth injury at a D.C. hospital because theresident doctorwaited too long todeliver the baby.What types of damages can the little girl get in a malpractice case?

In the District of Columbia, a child with cerebral palsy due to a birth injury, or a child injured by another person's negligence, can get money damages to make up for the harms and losses they suffered.  Some of those harms and losses a child with cerebral palsy may have are the cost of future medical care and treatment, such as the cost of a group home or a home attendant because the child will not be able to take care of herself once she becomes an adult.  Examples of other types of losses include her lost income (the amount of money she would have earned if her injury had been avoided) and other harms may include pain, suffering and disfigurement.

Since every child with cerebral palsy is unique, no two children will have the exact same harms and losses.