As my D.C. medical malpractice lawyer you recently filed my son's medical malpractice case against a Washington, D.C. hospital. How long will a medical malpractice case in D.C.take?

A medical malpractice case in D.C., filed against a hospital in D.C. Superior Court, usually takes approximately 1 1/2 to 2 years to get to trial.

There are a lot of reasons why D.C. medical malpractice cases take that long to go to trial.  Sometimes medical malpractice cases require taking 30 or 40 depositions of doctors, specialists, nurses and expert witnesses and these healthcare workers may be practicing medicine all over the country.  Many times, the trial will last several weeks so the hospital's lawyer or the judge may not have enough time, due to other trial committments, to hold the trial any sooner. 

And occassionaly medical malpractice trials are continued, if a new judge takes over the case but is not available for the trial date, or a key witness is ill, etc.

Its a long process but remember any medical malpractice case we file has already been thoroughly investigated, expert witnesses in various medical specialties have agreed to testify at trial, and much of the case is ready to go, so we can minimize delay whenever possible.