Is a mistake during delivery a possible medical malpractice case in DC?

Maybe, if the accident caused significant injuries and fell below the standard of care. But remember: not every bad result means medical malpractice.

Medical malpractice means that a doctor, hospital, HMO, or some other health care provider fell below the standard of care when providing medical care for you, and you were injured as a result. It requires an attorney and medical experts investigating what happened - reviewing the medical records, test results, labs and other information to determine whether the doctor, hospital or HMO followed the rules.  You can click here to see if you have a claim - or use some of our FREE materials to see if you've suffered from medical malpractice, like our 7 Symptoms of Medical Malpractice Report. You can also call us at 202-393-3320 and you'll get a live person able to answer your questions.

But malpractice during childbirth does happen at DC hospitals and can be devastating if the child and mother suffer injuries as a result.

Just the other day, we heard of a hospital performing the wrong surgery on a baby and unnecessary surgeries have become even more commonplace.

We know that parents taking care of children never feel they have the time to start a long litigation process - even if they have a gut instinct that malpractice may have caused their child's injuries. We understand. And we try to make it easy on you.

We represent children with special needs, and that's why we have a "You focus on getting better, and we'll do the work" approach.

That means we take care of all the nitty gritty stuff, like talking to the hospital, insurance company, getting all of the medical records, organizing everything and having your case reviewed by top experts and specialists - so that you can focus on your child. We even have a book of resources for children of special needs in the area, full of information like camps for special needs kids and respite care facilities in the area, and we're offering it FREE - just order your copy here or give us a call and we'll send one out to you.

Even if it seems overwhelming, take one small step - all you have to do is contact us today. 


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