Can you help with a medical malpractice case when a medical error took away my health and independence?


We do everything we can to make sure a doctor's malpractice or a hospital mistake doesn't take away your health, income and independence.

How do we do this?

We prepare your case so it's ready to go before it is filed.  This often means a faster settlement that can get you the resources and income you need for things like:

  • Nursing care - Medicaid only provides limited coverage and you may need more
  • Housing - either modifications to your current home to accomodate your injury and condition, or the resources to buy another home.
  • Transportation - modified cars and vans and wheelchair accesible vehicles

We can make your life better after a catastrophic injury - and we've done just that for many of the people we work with.

So call and see if we can help you after a serious injury.  You'll see we're a lot different than other law firms - we focus on you.

If you'd like a private consultation about your specific situation, with no obligation, call us at (202) 393 - 3320 and we can get started.  Even if you decide we're not the right lawyers for you, we guarantee you will get something out of it that will help you and your family.