How does a D.C. hospital determine if medical malpractice harmed a patient?

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After a serious injury due to malpractice in the hospital, what will the hospital do?

Hospitals in D.C. (and Maryland and Virginia) will review serious injuries that happen in their hospitals to see if they think it was caused by mistakes made by their doctors, nurses, technicians or a system they have in place (like the way they report test results for example).

But this review is secret - you won't know about it.  And it won't help you. And they won't tell you the results of their investigation, either. And some of the information may be right in your medical chart, but they still won't tell you - here is a true story of this happening in one of our D.C. medical malpractice cases and settlements involving a disabled child.

But can you really trust them, anyway?

How can you find out what really happened in the hospital to cause a devastating injury to you or someone in your family?

The only way to get your answers is to get an objective review of what happened in the hospital. 

And you need to know what happened for several reasons:

  1. To help you or your family understand what happened and why.
  2. To get you and your family the resources you need after a serious injury.
  3. To prevent it from happening again to another patient in the future.


You need a system to evaluate and analyze the medical care without you having to worry about it. Without the stress of always wondering what went wrong and why.  And worrying about what you could or should do about it. 

With a serious, life changing injury, you and your family have to focus on that.

We have a system for investigating and evaluating medical treatment and events in the hospital.  

And we evaluate what happened to see if we can help you and your family and hold the hospital accountable for what it did wrong.

That's the goal of any medical malpractice case - helping you and your family.


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