Looking for legal help for your disabled child in D.C., Maryland or Virginia?

There are certain protections, resources and benefits available in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia for children who are severely disabled and their parents.

Social Security benefits are available for severely disabled children in the form of supplemental security income, usually called SSI.  This is administered through the social security administration and is designed to provide a monthly amount for food, clothing and shelter.

Medicaid is a state run program providing medical assistance and paying for medical treatment.

If your child's disability was caused by medical malpractice, and you settle a medical malpractice case, there are different options, such as a special needs trust, to protect that money and remain eligible for SSI and Medicaid, in order to use the settlement proceeds for supplemental needs, programs and resources your child will need, such as transportation, a handicap accessible home, camps, computers and other goods and services that will enrich your child's life (and hopefully make yours easier).

There are a lot of issues regarding your child's education, benefits and medical care.

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