Can You Get Long Term Disability Benefits in DC if You Have Coronavirus?

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The short answer is yes.

Long term disability benefits usually pay benefits for almost any medical condition or injury that prevents you from working.  Yes, these disability insurance policies have a number of exclusions (for example, many policies exclude work related injuries, certain types of mental illness, addiction, etc.) and there are a number of terms and conditions to fulfill, no matter what kind of injury or illness you have. 

Plus, different conditions can combine to cause you to be disabled.

Coronavirus is just one example of how this works.  For example, if you are a doctor or nurse, or had a job where you needed to travel, and contracted Covid-19, it can absolutely prevent you from working, especially if you have an underlying respiratory or immune system condition.  It's really no different than if you had a heart condition or pulmonary condition and some event or illness exacerbated your underlying condition, making it worse and preventing you from working.

There are two things to keep in mind as well.  First, if you can show that you contracted Covid-19 as a result of your exposure to work in the private sector in D.C., for example, you work in health care or had work related travel that exposed you, you may be able to get workers compensation benefits.  Second, you may need to apply for short term disability benefits first - many companies in the D.C. area offer short term disability benefits as a way to bridge the gap before eligibility for long term disability benefits starts (and depending on your long term disability insurance policy, that may be 60 days or more). It's a similar process, but designed to be faster, and to provide benefits for a short period of time.

Trying to get long and short term disability benefits in D.C. depends on analyzing a lot of factors, no matter what the specific injury or illness.  So get the information you need to make the best decision for you and your family.

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