As lawyers specializing in medical malpractice cases against hospitals, doctors and healthcare corporations, we try to help patients who have been seriously injured in very specific ways.

Here is how we approach a medical malpractice case for you (and it's always about you and your family):

First, we meet with you and your family - it's part of getting to know you - and listen to what happened.  We take lots of notes so you don't have to rememeber everything or write everything down.

We analyze your medical records and we go over these with you. Remember, the hospital or doctors probably didn't tell you everything - so we sometimes find things that will surprise you - tests that weren't followed up on, orders that weren't followed through, specialists who never came to see you, that kind of thing.

Next, after organizing and analyzing the medical records, we consult with specialists in the field - whether the case involves obstetrics, neurology, pulmonary, internal medicine, etc.  Our goal is to find the best experts in their field to review and analyze what happened and why so we can hold the hospital, doctor or group accountable for what happened.

These are just the first steps we take in working with you.  There are many more.  It's a complicated (but rewarding) process.  But we work hard to take the stress and worry off of you - so you can focus on your recovery, your family, your life.

If you were seriously injured because of medical malpractice and are ready for us to get to work for you, call us today.  We'll send you a lot of information you can read in the privacy of your own home and help you through the process.

But don't wait to call.  This process takes time, and we need enough time to do it properly (or we won't do it at all).

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