After an injury at work, can you trust the workers comp insurance company to tell you the truth?

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Why not?  Because the insurance company needs to do everything it can to prevent you from getting benefits and medical treatment after an on the job injury - in fact, some would say they have a duty to their shareholders to pay you less - less medical treatment, less testing to find out the extent of the injury, less therapy, less monetary benefits.  That's one of the many ways insurance companies make money.

Do they have a duty to take care of you?  No.  Do they have a duty to tell you the law ad your rights? They don't.

Will they outright lie to you?  Hopefully not, but think of what they won't tell you:

  • How the benefits vary from state to state and how and where you should file your workers compensation claim.
  • How you can choose your own doctor in DC and Maryland.
  • How you can take into account wages from a second job in calculating your workers comp benefits

Bottom line - you've entered a complicated system after a serious work injury.  Workers comp insurance companies know that and use it to their advantage. 

They are not there to help youWe are here to help you.

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