Is My Case Big Enough to Hire a Lawyer?

Lots of people can handle their injury case on their own, without hiring a lawyer if their injuries aren't serious.

But this is a decision that is best made after getting information on what to do if you're hurt because of someone else's carelessness or negligent driving, or after at least consulting with an attorney. Regardless of whether your case involves personal injury, negligence, medical malpractice or workers' compensation in D.C., Maryland or Virginia, we provide free information that can help you make the best decision for you and your family.

Take advantage of our free resources - books, guides and reports.   And if you have a question you need answered right away and can't find it on our website, just call.  We'll do our best to answer it.  And once we discuss the merits of your case with you and we can help you decide whether you need a lawyer.  While we would like to help everyone, sometimes that is not a reality. If we cannot help you, we will refer you to someone we know and trust to handle you case.