What does an insurance adjuster do?

After you have reported your work-related injury to your employer, your job’s insurance company will assign an insurance adjuster to investigate your claim for workers compensation benefits. The insurance adjusters are the ones who make a decision on the benefits you will receive. They do this by keeping track of your medical situation, examining your work conditions, and assessing the extent of the company’s liability. On paper, insurance adjusters are supposed to be unbiased when they’re evaluating your claim and calculating your entitlement. But in reality, this is usually NOT the case at all.

Why? Because their duty is not to you and your family. Their duty is to the company they work for, the insurance company who pays them.  Do you think the insurance company wants to pay you everything you’re supposed to get?  How will you ever know?

So can you rely on the insurance adjuster to take care of you and your family?

NO. They’re not going to tell you all the proper forms you have to fill out. They’re not going to make sure you go to the best doctor for your specific injury. And they’re definitely not going to tell you exactly what you’re supposed to do to receive all the benefits you’re entitled to. An insurance adjuster will be looking for ways to deny or limit your workers’ compensation claim unless you know your rights.

Hard working people with legitimate injuries should not be tricked into getting less for themselves and their families because they don’t know any better.  That is why we’re giving injured workers a free copy of Protect Your Rights: The Ultimate Guide to DC Worker’s Compensation.

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