Medical malpractice - when a doctor, hospital or HMO violates a patient safety rule and injures a patient - can take many forms and be caused by many types of medical mistakes or errors.

There are certainly common patient safety rules that we see violated in our medical malpractice cases.   But if you are looking for information on what a medical malpractice case is, how these cases are investigated, how you determine whether a doctor violated the standard of care (basically a patient safety rule) to help you and your family after a serious injury or medical condition, we have a number of guides, books and reports that can help.

Based on our experieince helping patients affected by medical malpractice for over 20 years, we've published resources you can read in the privacy of your own home to give you information you can use to make the best decisions for your family.  Here are a few of the resources we offer to people who have been affected by the medical system:

Have a child with special needs?  Order a copy of Getting Everything Your Special Needs Child Deserves: A Parent's Guide to Resources for help finding resources for special needs kids in the D.C. area.

If your son or daughter was affected by medical malpractice, read our short guide Picking Up the Pieces: A Parent's Guide to Medical Malpractice for practical tips, advice and explanations.

And for a report you can download right now to help you recognize and prevent medical errors before they happen, go to 7 Symptoms of Medical Malpractice.

Already looking for a lawyer specializing in medical malpractice cases in D.C.? 

Don't hire a lawyer or sign anything without using our guide to interview and evaluate any lawyer (hint: we're not all equal) before you make that important decision.  TV commercials, Yellow Page Ads, internet ads, they can all attract customers in any business, but this is different.  You're not buying a mattress.  Take action and learn how to find the best lawyer for you and your family.

Of course every person affected by medical mistakes is different and unique.  That's why we set aside time every month to talk to people just like you, who are living with the stress and worry of dealing with a serious medical injury that could have been prevented.  So if you want to talk specifically about your situation, call us at (202) 393 - 3320. 

The reports are free, written in English (no legalese) and very helpful.   The call is also completely confidential, of course.

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