I'm a union worker and was hurt at work in D.C. I'm getting workers comp benefits now but how do I find the best lawyer to handle my workers comp case?

The reason most workers join a union if they can is to protect their future rights - their ability to earn money and get better benefits.  Its the same idea when you get hurt on the job.  We tell everyone that workers compensation is about protecting your future rights - for you and your family.

Its about making sure your family is taken care of and you get the medical treatment you need. 

You need to choose a lawyer you can work with - one who has represented hundreds of workers, and has handled every type of injury.  It helps if the lawyer represents people in medical malpractice cases - that shows he or she knows about medicine and has probably invested a lot of time and money working with medical experts.  That expertise can help prove the cause of your injury or the effects of your condition.

And the lawyer should be Board Certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy - again, that shows an advanced degree of achievement and training by the lawyer.

We're not the right law firm for everyone - we're selective in choosing the people we represent and types of cases we handle.

But don't sign any forms, talk to an adjuster or hire an attorney without reading our book on D.C. workers compensation.  Protect Your Rights:  The Injured Workers Guide to D.C. Workers Compensation. 

You can order it on our website or call (202) 393-3320 and we'll send it to you for free.

You'll be glad you did.