Is filing for workers comp benefits the same as suing my company?

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Not at all - in fact, its completely different.

If you get hurt on the job, your employer has workers compensation insurance - and that is who you will deal with to get your medical treatment paid for and your benefits to replace your lost income if you can't work because of the injuries.

Some people naturally feel funny about any kind of claim involving their company, especially if they've worked there for a long time, or are friends with the owners or managers.  And that is why companies have workers comp insurance - to pay for medical treatment and lost time from work when an accident happens and one of their employees gets hurt on the job.

Some companies expect or even require you to go through their workers comp insurance to make sure your bills are paid and you get the treatment you need so you can return to work.  But a lot of times, there is a big difference between how your company treats you and how the insurance company does - usually, your company gives up control and the workers comp adjuster takes over.  Her job is to deny and delay benefits - to pay you less.  

Sounds crazy, but there is an entire system that you're in after a work injury that you can't control - even if you have a great relationship with your employer and have been a model employee for many years (like most of our clients). 

And even if your boss is trying to help, he doesn't know the system either.

That's why you need someone looking out for you after you get hurt - it's a lot dealing with the system and even people who are trying to help may end up hurting in the end.

If you're not sure about hiring the right lawyer for a workers comp injury, someone you can really trust, order your copy of the only book on the workers comp system written by a Board Certified attorney with 20 years of helping injured workers like you. We'll send you the book for free, with no obligation as long as you were injured on the job in the D.C. area.

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