I was hurt on the job but the insurance company isn't paying my benefits. Can they deny my workers compensation benefits?

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In the D.C., many insurance companies deny an injured workers claim for benefits, at least initially, by filing a Notice of Controversion.  The workers compensation adjuster may state a number of "reasons" for denying the claim - from not having all of the medical records, wanting to take the injured worker's recorded statement (I never recommend giving a statement to an insurance company unless and until the injured worker consults with an experienced attorney to learn his or her rights), not being able to verify the injury with the employer, etc.

What do you do if your D.C. work injury is denied?  First file an Application for Formal Hearing with the D.C. Department of Employment Services.  This will get your case heard by an Administrative Law Judge.  Some workers compensation lawyers believe you should first request an informal conference with the Office of Workers Compensation.  While effective for some issues, if you cannot work and are not being paid, this extra step may cause additional delay because the insurance company is not bound by the Recommendation issued after the informal conference and almost certainly will appeal to have a Formal Hearing scheduled by an Administrative Law Judge.

Second, get all relevant information to the insurance company adjuster - especially medical reports from your doctor or hospital documenting the on the job injury, that the injury occurred at work, the medical treatment the work injury required and the length of time you will be out of work due to the work injury.  

If the workers compensation claim is not  controverted (denied) within 14 days, the insurance company or employer may be forced to pay a penalty if the claim is later found to be compensable.