Claiming Workers Compensation After An Accident On the Way To Work in DC 

In An Accident On The Way To Work in DC

In DC, Maryland and Virginia, Workers' compensation covers injuries that happen in the course and scope of employment, so that means injuries that happen on the job suddenly, or injuries that happen on the job over a long period of time. Workers' Comp even sometimes covers injuries that happen outside of your office building or work site; like accidents on your commute, or accidents on business trips. 

Because every case is different, whether or not you are covered by workers' comp and the amount of workers' compensation benefits you stand to receive (if eligible) may be different depending on a lot of factors.  

What Factors Do I Need To Consider After An Accident On the Way To Work in DC?

There are many questions we will have to ask, like in the case of getting into an accident: were you in a company truck when the accident occurred? Were you on or off duty? Was the truck used to provide you transportation to and from work? Did the company pay for gas, insurance, tolls, etc.? Were you on your way home, or were you on your way to your first stop of the day, for example? All these factors may make a difference in your case - and an experienced DC workers' comp lawyer will listen to your answers and discuss all of these aspects with you!

So, if you're hurt in an accident there are ways to get help for your injuries through workers' compensation, but getting an experienced attorney on your side is the first step to realizing these goals. You can click here to hear reviews of some of our clients who we've helped through their workers' compensation claims over the last 20 years. Remember that every case is different so if you have a question, contact us today.

Never take the insurance company's word for it! Just a few weeks ago, a company told a plumber hurt in a truck accident in Maryland on his way home from the job site (he was in a company truck) that he could not get workers' comp benefits.  They were wrong! 

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