I was hurt at work and needed to see a doctor for my injury. My foreman took me to a 'workers clinic,' should I go?

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Hell no.  A lot of construction companies take injured workers directly to these corporate and insurance supported "workers clinics" that seem to be staffed with physicians assistants - not real doctors and certainly not the medical specialists serious work injuries and conditions require, such as orthopaedic surgeons and neurosurgeons.  And what kind of health care professional chooses to work at such a corporate "clinic"?  Is their loyalty to the patient who was hurt on the job or the insurance company or corporation funding the "workers clinic"?

In D.C. and Maryland, workers hurt on the job have the absolute right to choose their treating physician under workers compensation law.  In Virginia, the workers compensation insurance company provides a panel of three physicians to choose from.

Don't believe the construction company "safety man" or a foreman, supervisor or co-worker who tells an injured worker he has to go to a "workers clinic." 

Know your rights when you get hurt at work so you can protect yourself and your family.