What Can A DC Workers Comp Lawyer Do For You If You're Receiving Benefits?

A DC workers comp lawyer can help you if you're already getting paid workers comp benefits.How To Tell If You Need A DC Workers Comp Attorney Getting workers comp benefits from the insurance company after a serious injury at work is only the first step. Many workers comp insurance companies will start paying workers comp benefits and medical treatment at first, but they can deny your claim at any time for virtually any reason.

The DC Workers Comp Insurance Company Stopped My Benefits. Can They Really Do That?

In DC, Your workers comp insurance company can stop paying your benefits at any time.Unlike in some states, there is nothing that requires the workers comp insurance company to pay your benefits after you get hurt at work and file your claim for workers compensation.  You have to continually prove you are entitled to those benefits.  This means ongoing evidence that you can't return to work due to your injuries (meniscus tear, rotator cuff tear, herniated disc,) or that you have physical limitations or restrictions that prevent you from doing your regular job and your company doesn't have light duty work available (a lot of construction companies and hospitals don't have the ability to provide light duty work).

You have to continually work with your doctor and other medical specialists to make sure you have the right medical evidence.

The Workers Comp Insurance Company May Stop Paying You After They Send You To Their Doctor.

Insurance companies have several "go to" insurance company doctors they use over and over.  These doctors charge $750 to $1,000 to see you for about 5 minutes and say there is nothing wrong with you...it's called an Independent Medical Exam or IME - and it is anything but independent. 

You need a strategy for your IME exam, you can't just go in there and wing it.  You need someone who knows the doctor and how to handle the exam to give you the best shot at continuing on benefits and getting the medical treatment you need. Our experienced DC workers compensation attorneys can guide you through the process and make sure the insurance doctor doesn't take advantage of you. 

The Insurance Nurse Will Try To Bully You Into Going Back To Work Before You're Fully Healed

The workers comp insurance may assign a nurse to try to get your doctor to say you can go back to work before you're ready. Can you handle a nurse case manager who is pressuring your doctor to send you back to work or limit the medical treatment? She has probably done this thousands of times for the insurance company.

If she is sucessful, your benefits will stop.  Do you know how you will get your benefits re-instated?

And just FYI - we don't allow nurse case managers on our workers comp cases.  So our clients never talk to nurse case managers or insurance adjusters.

The Right DC Workers Comp Attorney Will Help You Stand Up To The Insurance Company

Most people are terrified of losing income after an injury keeps them out of work. We provide financial stability and medical treatment while you can’t work so you can pay your bills and recover. Our DC workers comp attorney guides you through the complicated DC workers comp law, rules, regulations and process, so you can stand up to the insurance company.

And there is no fee unless we win or settle your case - there is no fee to keep you on benefits - to keep your weekly benefits going.

Don't wait until your benefits are stopped. Get the help you need now.

And don't rely on the insurance company to tell you all the benefits you could be receiving. They don't have to and they won't help you.

Our DC Workers Comp Lawyer Literally Wrote The Book on DC Workers Comp 

Call us today at 202-393-3320 for a confidential, free assessment of your case.  But don't wait - even if the insurance company is paying you now, their team of lawyers, adjusters, nurses, doctors, investigators and case managers are behind the scenes, working against you to limit or stop the workers comp benefits you and your family rely on.

We make it easy on you - call us today at 202-393-3320.

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