How Do I Know If It's Medical Malpractice?

At Donahoe Kearney we like to say "trust your gut." If you feel a serious injury or medical condition was caused by a medical mistake in a hospital, HMO or doctor's office, it is at least worth checking into it.  There are common factors we see in medical malpractice cases, and you should know about these. 

Most of the time your gut will tell you if a medical mistake was preventable. But just in case you need some confirmation, we recommend that you read our free report 7 Symptoms of Medical Malpractice.  

Here's the digest:

1). No system for following up on test results;

2). Doctors not evaluating the patient;

3). Hospitals, HMOs and Doctors not telling the patient about alternative diagnoses, treatment, and therapies;

4). Doctors not having available all of the information because they aren't asking questions, reviewing your medical records, or listening to you;

5).  Inexperience;

6). Doctors not consulting the right specialists; and 

7). None of these situations apply but your gut tells you something is wrong.

Do you think you may have been affected by a major medical mistake, or a preventable medical mistake? If you have a serious injury or medical condition and, call us today to get information you need and determine whether we can help.  You will speak with a live person here in Washington, D.C.: no cost and no obligation. You can reach a real person today to discuss your case in full confidence at 202-393-3320.