How do you recognize signs of medical malpractice?

Medical malpractice in D.C. hospitals is preventable.  There are several signs and symptoms we see in our cases against hospitals when patients because of negligent medical care.

Many of the problems we see with medical care seem to happen over and over at a number of hosptils in the District and throughout the D.C. area.

Sometimes its an individual doctor, nurse, intern, resident, technician, etc. that doesn't do the right thing - because he is in a rush, hasn't been trained properly, doesn't understand the severity of the patient's condition or the need to see a specialist, but many times medical mistakes happen because of sytems failures in hospitals, HMOs and doctor's offices.

We've identified 7 common signs and symptoms to watch out for based on our experience representing people injured in the medical system due to medical errors, medical mistakes, medical malpractice.

This report can help you and your family prevent medical mistakes - so order your free copy today.