I heard a judge recently telling another lawyer who advertises on T.V. and is in T.V. commercials that the lawyer was a "T.V. star."

It was said as a joke but remember the old saying "the truth is said in jest."  Judges, insurance companies, hospitals and jurors know who the T.V. lawyers are, and some of them are skeptical of any case that lawyer has.  One senior partner at a law firm that runs a lot of T.V. commercials told me long ago that T.V. ads brought in a lot of small cases but people with serious, life changing injuries usually didn't want a T.V. lawyer.

Why is that?

Probably because, deep down, it's hard for people who will evaluate and analyze your medical malpractice case - insurance company executives, hospital lawyers, judges, jurors, to believe a T.V. lawyer.  It may not be fair, but that's the perception some people have.

Personally, I think it's a free country and lawyers can run as many T.V. commercials as they want.  But I can see the concern many people have.  I'd feel the same way. 

Because if you or someone in your family has a permanent injury or condition, like paralysis, cerebral palsy, brain injury, even death, caused by the medical system, why would you take a chance with your medical malpractice case? Proving a hospital, doctor or healthcare provider was negligent may be your only opportunity to take care of your family and provide the support, medical care and income they need, now that you or someone else in the family can no longer do it.  And even if you can do it all right now, you can't do it forever - what happens if you get sick, or hurt, or lose a job.  Then what?

Choosing the right lawyer may take time.  We recommend you read everything you can about the lawyer and interview him or her (feel free to download our checklist of what to ask any lawyer you meet with).

Most of all, will the lawyer help you and your family?  Can he answer your questions and give you advice you can trust?  Does he make you feel comfortable and at ease when you talk to him?

And will he take care of your worries and your stress - about providing the medical care someone in your family needs for the rest of his life, or replacing income that would have sent your kids to college, or getting nursing care, transportation or modifications to your house that Medicare and health insurance won't cover?

So read our short reports and guides to start.  And call us to talk about your specific situation and how we can help take care of it for you.


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