How long does a cerebral palsy case take in D.C.?

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Cerebral palsy cases for children in the District usually take about 2 years to get to trial or to settle after filing a lawsuit against the hospital and doctor who was responsible.  These cases tend to take longer than car wreck or other injury cases for a number of reasons:

First, you need a number of expert witnesses in different specialties to testify about the harms that were done to the child, the amount of money necessary to properly care for the child with cerebral palsy, the cause and timing of the cerebral palsy, and of course, the things the hospital didn't do or should have done to prevent the harms from happening.

The hospital and doctor's insurance lawyers can take the deposition of each one of these expert physicians, and scheduling and taking the depositions takes time.

A trial involving cerebral palsy often takes two or three weeks, so judges tend to schedule those trials far in advance as well.

The two year estimate for how long a cerebral palsy case takes in D.C. is just from the time the case is filed with the Court.  Before that is done, there is a significant amount of time spent investigating and preparing the case and that can take several years, depending on how long ago the child was born and the number of medical experts necessary to prove the case.

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