How long do I have to file a case for medical malpractice in Prince George's County?

The time to file a medical malpractice case in Prince George's County MD is ususually 3 years but there may be more time allowed if the medical mistake was hidden - or not discovered.

For a child injured by medical malpractice in Prince George's county, the 3 year time frame usually doesn't start until they reach age 18, but the law on time limits, also called statutes of limitations, is always subject to change.  This would include a baby injured at birth (or by negligent prenatal care to the mom) who has conditions like cerebral palsy, shoulder dystocia, paralysis, developmental delay.

Maryland has specific requirements for filing medical malpractice cases (in any city or county) that need to be complied with and sometimes a victim of medical malpractice may have a choice of where to file his or her case.

Even though the law may give you the right to more time, for someone who has been seriously affected by medical mistakes, delay rarely helps. 

So if you need help because of medical mistakes in Prince George's County, or have questions about your situation, give us a call today at (202) 393 - 3320.  And if you have a child with special needs, order your FREE copy of our resource guide for parents in D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

Remember, there are time limits and specific filing requirements, so don't wait.