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Medical malpractice - mistakes by hospitals, HMOs and doctors when they don't follow the rules to keep patients safe - obviously harms and hurts the patient they injure.

But medical malpractice does not just affect the patient.

Medical Malpractice Can Take Its Toll On The Patient's Family As Well

We've represented people who have had a severe brain injury in a hospital and need 24/7 care.  In one case, the father had to quit his job and start a new business so he could be home to help care for his adult daughter.  The family had to convert a first floor room into a hospital room to fit the wheelchair, hospital bed, medical equipment and supplies their daughter needs. Their credit is shot - because Medicaid never pays for everything they need.

Plus, Medicaid never provides the amount of nursing care to take care of someone who needs around the clock care.  And nurses can quit or not show up, leaving the family in a bind where they can't go to work, can't attend the other kids' activities, or even go out for dinner or a movie.

We can help get families affected by medical malpractice the resources they need to make their lives better. 

And you can order two of our publications for free:  Picking Up the Pieces: A Parent's Guide to Medical Malpractice and Getting Everything Your Special Needs Child Deserves.

Both are written based on our experience working with families affected by medical malpractice in D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

Don't Wait. There Are Time Limits For Everything. Start Getting Help For Your Family Today.

We understand that medical malpractice is a difficult sitation for the many families that it affects. We want you to have the resources you need.You can start today by calling us at (202) 393-3320 to confidentially, discreetly discuss your family's situation.

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