My Child is Profoundly Disabled Due to Medical Malpractice. How Do I Find A Good Home Health Aide for Him?

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The Right Home Health Aid Can Make A Big Difference For a Profoundly Disabled Child & Their Family In DC,Finding The Right Home Health Aide For A Disabled Child Maryland, and Virginia.

Choosing a home health aide is an extremely important decision.  You and your disabled child rely on the aide for feeding, bathing, and turning her; all of the things he needs when you can't do them.  Or when you just need a day or a night off.

First, do the legwork and the research; find a reputable company who employs the home health aides. Most public companies will have "review" applications on their website. If they don't, ask for a reference. Also, make sure that the agency in question does not have an adverse history when it comes to litigation. While settlements are often confidential, lawsuits are not.  A simple google search comprised of "your agency + "lawsuits" should help you to confirm the reputation of the agency.

Next, meet with the potential aide. Take the time to write down the questions that you want to ask. Don't be afraid to ask about the aides' experience or qualifications and the specific care needs or care plan for your child. Find out why he or she does what they do. Take measures to determine their commitment to the job. Most of the time you can tell the difference between somebody who likes their job, and somebody who does not. 

Finally, set forth your expectations for communication. Get into the habit early on of asking for a digest of the day. If your home health aide knows you will be wanting information, he or she might be more likely to take note and remember what goes on during the day. It's better to establish communication early on rather than try to enforce it later.

If Your Child's Disability Was Caused By Medical Malpractice, You May Be Able to Get A Settlement To Cover The Cost of Care 

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