Do I Need To Share My Medical Records with a Car Accident Attorney in DC that I'm thinking about hiring for my case?

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So, you've called a D.C. lawyers office and hopefully you have spoken to a warm, inquisitive person who wants to hear your story (that's what we do at Donahoe Kearney -- you'll never hear us pick up the phone and say "law office"). That person takes you through a series of questions, which you may or may not feel like answering, considering all you wanted to do was find out how much an attorney costs, and whether or not you have a case.

It may be frustrating to know that even at the outset with all of the questions, we may not know whether or not you have a case until we've reviewed other things like medical records, insurance correspondence, pay stubs, police report, photos, etc.

We know that the process can be frustrating but here's the thing; we are not a "run of the mill" type of law firm. We promise to never take your case just so we can run it through the mill and collect a check after settling quickly (like some of those firms you see on TV). All of our cases we have taken because we have reviewed all of the materials, thoughtfully analyzed the case, and decided that your case is a case we think we can win and get something for you that makes your life better.

That's just the kind of firm we are.

Now, back to the process. We may ask you for additional information, like medical records or a copy of your insurance policy (depending on the type of case it is) and we always keep these records completely confidential and don't share them with anyone unless you've given us express permission. 

Even if it turns out in the end that we are not the best fit for your case (sometimes the geographic location makes a difference, or the merits of the case lie outside of our practice area) we will do our best to either A) refer your case out to a trusted associate we know will do a good job or B) put enough information in your hands that you can handle the matter on your end.

That's just the kind of firm we are.

So, do you need to share your medical records with a prospective attorney? The answer is, maybe. But don't forget to ask the good questions. 
Will my records be treated confidentially? What will happen to my records once you are doing reviewing them? 
If you have questions about what it takes to hire an attorney in DC, Maryland or Virginia, don't be shy! Give us a call at 202-393-3320 and we would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.
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