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We've literally written the book on Workers Compensation (and we'll send you a copy) and we can tell you how to approach your case, where to file it, how to discuss your injuries with your doctor, how to make sure everything is done right from the beginning of your workers comp claim.

Let's face it, workman's comp is a complicated, frustrating system.  Adjusters have hundreds of cases, so how much can they pay attention to you?  Even if things are going well now (and how do you really know that?) there comes a time in every workers comp case where there are disputes - about the medical treatment or the amount of benefits or working light duty, etc.

And remember - their job is to make the insurance company money (by paying you less, denying your rights to medical treatment and delaying everything).

The people we work with get treated differently.  And honestly, we're different.  We don't take every case that comes through the door because we don't have to.

We take fewer cases and we treat people differently - check out what some of our clients have said about working with us.

When you work with us, you'll get treated like that too. 

We only help people who were legitimately injured and have serious injuries where they may need surgery, are worried about not being able to return to their job after an injury and may need lifetime medical care. 

If that sounds like you, call us for a private consultation.  There is no charge and no obligation.  And it will help.


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