Is a Hartford workers comp insurance adjuster handling your workers comp claim?

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Is she telling you everything you need to know about your D.C. workers compensation claim?

Are you willing to bet your financial security, health and relationship with your family on that?

Look, insurance adjusters are trained to keep costs down.  And you are a cost to the workers comp insurance company.  Your medical treatment, tests, therapy and medications - all a cost to the insurance company.  Your benefits that you need to live on - just a cost to that adjuster.  Your future benefits - a cost the workers comp insurance wants to avoid "at all costs"!

That's what you have to remember.  Here's a quick story why:

I just got off the phone with a nice guy, hard worker, who had a bad fall that caused broken bones he needed surgery for.  And the workers comp adjuster was very nice to him.  Paid his medical bills.  Paid his benefits.  But never told him he had to file a claim for workers comp benefits, never told him he could choose his own doctor.  And so he never did any of those things.

What do you think happened?

That's right.  There came a time when the adjuster, or the new adjuster, or the adjuster's supervisor, or someone higher up in the insurance company wanted to cut costs.

And that means cut you and your family.

And if you haven't taken steps to prevent that, done the right things to protect you and your family - your finances, health and welfare - you will be cut.

Learn how to avoid that pain by calling us for some free information, tips and tactics or ordering a free copy of our book that explains the D.C. workers comp system.

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