Here's What You Can Do If Your DC Workers' Compensation Claim Is Denied By The Hartford Hartford Denied My Workers Compensation Case In DC

First, don't panic.  Hartford and other workers comp insurance companies in DC routinely deny legitimate claims for workers comp benefits after someone has been hurt at work. We see this all the time. You should receive a Notice of Controversion within 14 days of when your company knows about the injury. The Notice of Controversion Hartford files should give a reason why they are denying the claim.

There Are Several Reasons Why Your Claim Might Be Denied

Notice: A critical part of any DC workers comp case is making sure you notify your employer about your injury - you need to do that in writing, sometimes employers will have an incident or injury form, or tell your boss or supervisor that the injury happened at work.  It's not enough to tell a co-worker or just to say "my back is hurting." 

Not Enough Information: Sometimes that reason is they just don't have enough information - maybe they haven't gotten your medical records that relate the injury to your work and your doctor's opinion that you cannot work. That's another critical piece to get your case going. They are not going to go above and beyond to get the information they need. They will be looking for reasons to deny your claim, even if it is simply that they don't have all of the information in their hands.

These issues can sometimes be resolved quickly if you get the adjuster the information they need or you get evidence of timely notice from your supervisor. But if you have a serious injury the adjuster will probably be working purposefully against you to deny your claim. If your injury is serious - you need surgery, or you'll miss a lot of time from work - this is the time to get a DC workers comp lawyer who can help.  Because once that Notice of Controversion is filed, they don't have to pay your benefits if you can't work or your medical treatment.  At that point it's up to you to request a Formal Hearing so a judge can decide the case.

If You Need Serious Medical Treatment And Lost Wages, Let Our Experienced Workers Comp Lawyers Help!

Because of the way we work the case up for you, any times we can get the insurance company to start the benefits and provide the medical treatment well before the hearing - but you need that hearing in place. Do you need more info on what to do if Hartford is your workers comp insurance company?

Call us today at 202-393-3320 for a FREE copy of the only book on workers comp written for workers injured in the DMV (it's the book the insurance company doesn't want you to read) to learn what you have to do to make sure the insurance company doesn't take advantage of you and your family after a serious injury at work. And talk to one of our staff members to see if we can help you right now.

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