I was injured on the job in D.C. I don’t want to sue my employer, I just want fair compensation. What should I do?

A lot of people worry that once they get hurt at work, getting a lawyer to help them with their workers compensation case would ruin their relationship with their employer. This is definitely NOT TRUE.

We don’t get between an injured worker and his company—we only deal with the workers compensation insurance company. We don’t call your boss or your company’s HR department or send a bunch of threatening letters. And our goal is always to get fair compensation for an injured worker (like compensation for time off work, proper medical care, and permanent injury benefits).

It is critical to know how to deal with the insurance company because the insurance company doesn’t know or care about you, the injured worker. All the insurance company cares about is keeping their shareholders happy by making money for them. And they do this by paying injured workers less.

How do insurance companies get away with not paying you your full workers compensation benefits?

They do this by not telling you all the benefits you are entitled to under the law so they don’t have to pay for them or they send you to one of their doctors for medical treatment for your injury. Because these doctors work for the insurance company, they may not recommend tests or specialists that you need so the insurance company doesn’t have to pay for them. Worst yet, these doctors may not believe you.

Most people have never had to have a lawyer and have never been seriously hurt at work so they have never gone through this before. Without an experienced workers comp attorney there to guide you and give you all the information you need, it will be a very stressful process when you’re trying to recover from your injuries and worrying about filing the correct workers compensation forms at the same time. Insurance companies know this and will take every opportunity to use it to deny, delay, or limit your family’s benefits.

So before you do anything like go to the insurance company’s doctor or sign any forms, you need to get information. Since we’ve handled workers compensation cases for over 20 years, we have information and resources to provide for injured workers. To order our workers comp book, guide, or free report click here or for the quickest response, call us at (202)393-3320 now.