How do you find a lawyer who specializes in cerebral palsy cases against hospitals in D.C.?

When you have a child with cerebral palsy, it probably feels like nothing is ever easy.  You probably have struggled with feeding, washing, dressing and carrying your child up and down stairs, in and out of the car.  And you probably also have struggled with questions about the cause of your child's cerebral palsy.

And there are TV commercials and ads that make it seem easy to get a lawyer - just call us right now - if you have a phone you have a lawyer - call now, operators are standing by, that kind of thing.  And that's fine if you're buying a juicer or an exercise machine, but this is a child we're talking about.

So get the information you need to help you make the best decisions for your child and your family.  

Start by ordering a free copy of one of our guides. We wrote them to help families, even if they never become our clients. 

  • Getting Everything Your Special Needs Child Deserves: A Parent's Guide to Resources
  • Picking Up the Pieces: A Parent's Guide to Medical Malpractice
  • 7 Symptoms of Malpractice: How Every Patient Can Recognize, Stop and Avoid Medical Mistakes

You can order these right here on our website, by emailing [email protected] or by calling us at (202) 393 - 3320.  T

And before you call or meet with any lawyer, download and use our Medical Malpractice Lawyer Evaluation form to make sure the lawyer has the experience, qualifications and resources that are right for your child.